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Donation Envelopes

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic restrictions, Offertory baskets are found at the exits of the Church during Masses. You may leave your donation envelopes in these baskets for collection. Alternatively, you may drop off your regular weekly offertory envelopes in our secure mailbox found at the front of the Parish Office.

PAG (Pre-Authorized Giving)

The Archdiocese of Toronto has established a Pre-Authorized Giving Plan (PAG) to assist you in your support of the work of Our Lady of the Airways Parish through your regular parish offerings. In response to changing lifestyles and demands on time and energy, we seek through the Pre-Authorized Giving Plan to assist you in your giving.

To make your gift through the Pre-Authorized Giving Plan:

  • Decide the amount of your gift to Our Lady of the Airways Parish to be withdrawn from your account on the 20th day of each month.
  • Fill out the PAG Authorization Form and attach a “void” cheque from your account or the equivalent form from your bank branch.
  • Mail or drop-off the Authorization Form and a “void” cheque to the Parish Office.

PAG Form

Donate Online

You can now give your donations completely online by following the link below. When submitting your donation online, you will be issued a Tax Receipt via email. Please consult the Archdiocesan website for additional information.


Thank you for your support and generosity!