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How to book your Mass Intentions

Posted : Jul-30-2021

You may once again book Mass Intentions for your deceased loved ones. Here's how:

  1. Please use your own envelope and write on the outside of the envelope.
  2. Clearly write the name of your Deceased and the date you are requesting.
  3. Include your name and telephone number, in case Father needs to contact you.
  4. If possible, please include your donation for the mass inside the envelope.
  5. Drop your envelope in the secure mailbox outside of the Office or give it to Fr Ruggiero directly.

Multiple intentions are available for any mass so your date will be honoured.


It is now possible to request a private, evening mass for your loved ones. Please follow the steps above and contact Fr Ruggiero to confirm the date and the number of people expected to attend the mass. You can email Father at ourladyoftheairways@archtoronto.org.

Thank you!